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Hello, world!

My name is Nguyen Xuan Vinh, iOS Software Engineer. I’m currently living at Ho Chi Minh city. I’m mainly focused on iOS native development.

When not writing code, I love reading Hacker News, and exploring open source projects on GitHub. On my spare time, I occasionally post photos on Glass or reading tweets at @vinhnx, I’m also an avid podcasts listener.

I have been making apps from my spare time, while learning Apple technologies, like SwiftUI:

In the past, I started learning iOS and then end-up creating two iOS independent apps, before starting working fulltime:

My programming interests include: Swift, Objective-C, iOS. Currently learning: Dart and Flutter. I like: Rust, Go. Love: Open-Source softwares, Git, GitHub, Unix and command-line tools.

More about me:

Have a good day, and be happy!

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